How Do Other Physicians Prepare for the ABOM Exam?

Interview with a New Diplomate

In 2016, more than 450 physicians passed the obesity medicine certification exam to become diplomates of the American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM). We asked one of the new diplomates about his study techniques to help you decide how to prepare for the ABOM exam.

“Like any review course, there is limited time to summarize unlimited information. I attended two ABOM review courses during the same year and found OMA’s review course in particular offered a great breadth of information while also providing a helpful focus on high-yield information. The presenters were knowledgeable, thorough, clear, and concise, essentially telling me: ‘Here is the summary, here is what you really need to know, and here’s where you may want to do some additional reading.'”

What OMA resources did you use to prepare for the exam?

“I attended the OMA review course, reviewed the available lectures on video after the conference, studied the accompanying syllabus, and when recommended or if I needed more detail I read the cited journal article or the referenced book chapters, particularly Bray and Steelman.”

How prepared did you feel after studying for the exam?

“I felt well prepared.”

How did OMA study resources stand out or differ from other study tools?

“I felt that OMA resources were well organized and thorough. The speakers at OMA were clear, concise, and explained difficult or broad topics very well. They were also able to highlight areas to focus on, provide useful summaries, and direct to detailed resources. Overall, I found OMA’s information to be clinically relevant and academically helpful.”

For other physicians planning to take the exam, how do you recommend preparing?

“Attend the OMA conferences, review the videos, study the syllabus, and do some additional reading.”

Additional Resources

Want more? In addition to the live Review Course for the ABOM Exam at Overcoming Obesity 2017, the Obesity Medicine Association offers several on-demand resources that can help you prepare for the ABOM exam. Check out the list of popular resources used by physicians to study.

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